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BAD FAITH: Plasma Print Issue 2

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Image of BAD FAITH: Plasma Print Issue 2

In the second annual print issue, Plasma gets devious. Bad Faith is made of girls who fake their own funerals, devils falling in love in the desert, modern madonnas examining cyber-sexuality, roadkill, pranks, doctrines and manifestos that are as optional as they are audacious. Bad Faith, originally a term meaning acting with the intent to deceive, becomes in our magazine a redefinition of what it means to be bad, deviating from narratives of normalcy. Who gets called selfish for paying attention to themselves, and who gets let off the hook? In this issue, our contributors have created a textual and visual tonic to the complacency of calmness, to boredom, to apathy.

5.5"x8.5", 114 pages, full colour.

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